Hiraeth album release, I finally got there.

After a few setbacks some minor and some not so, I am finally able to set this one free on you all.

Hiraeth is the second ambient album I have recorded under The Long Light name, though to be honest it is very almost a Glimmer Room album. This one moves a bit faster and has a few more layers than its predecessor Our Waking Hours, but still has enough space and the slow pace to still be considered a true ambient work.

Hiraeth is an old welsh saying that has no direct translation into English, but basically means ‘a longing for a home you can never return to, a home which may never had existed at all’. I only became aware of this saying halfway through the recording but for me at least it conjured up the same atmosphere I was hearing in the music, it felt right and was adopted as the works title.

This release is especially poignant for me as at this time in my life I am facing a very similar situation, a very long story. So I sincerely hope this recording finds a resonance with the listener.

It is also sadly impossible  for me to supply the CD/R versions of any of my albums for a short while, so they will just show up as sold out till I get myself truly back on track with life.

The download is available now at my Bandcamp page


The CD/R release will come as soon as I can get it organised.

All the best,